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Networking Series - Chapter 8 - Getting Known

DATE: 7/24/2014
In Networking, recognition is a fruit of good relations. Moreover, it is essential for individuals to follow a certain communication strategy in Networking, just like the corporations do. Be in sight, as much as possible, to have a more solid network.
Networking Series - Chapter 8 - Getting Known.

Don't forget that you're the brand of yourself. And make sure people are eager to know you. Always take the first step. Develop a strategy and take the advantage of the following channels to position yourself at the right time and place.
Press appearance could prove brilliant to introduce yourself to people.  Either written or visual, press is a powerful tool to get known. Your company could be featured in a publication addressing your industry as part of, say, a new assignment or a successful social awareness project.  Similarly, you can get yourself invited to a TV show to talk about the current developments in your industry. Radio is another tool that will help you outreach your target audience. 
How you'll appear in press matters: Who do you want to contact? Did you get your point across properly? Does this channel match your image? If not, was it because you planned it that way? Or did you just happen to find yourself in that situation? 
Taking into account these questions and drawing the attention you desired at the outset will guarantee new customers and new relations for you.  
Websites and Blogs
A website or blog that reflects your image will help you attract people's attention. Not having a website especially if you're offering a product or solution is unacceptable in this new business world. Only having a website or blog does not mean you're accessible to everyone on the Internet, though.  
You are expected to work a lot even to appear in some simple search results. You may hire a professional if you want your page to be on the front burner. You don't have the budget for it? Then, remember these golden rules:
- Keep your website up-to-date. Frequently check out your contact information and variable data.
- Your visual image matters. Choose an attractive design that encourages reading.
- Tell about yourself and your organization. Stories are what people keep in mind the most. Make your story personal.
- Publish news about your brand to keep your website up to date.
Text Messages
Introducing your brand via text messages is an idea but it may not work out well all the time. It would not be quite desirable for people to see their inboxes flooded with such ads. They would not welcome the idea even though you asked their permission "some time in the past".  Still, text messages will be more effective than e-mails to remain in minds. 
It is a recent trend to send reminders via text messages if you're invited to a TV show (a text message reminding the channel, start time, the name of the show, the headlines etc.)
If texting is your pick, then be careful about its extent. Make sure you only text news that interest them. 

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