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Networking Series - Chapter 13 - Networking at Social Networks

DATE: 8/30/2015
Reinforcing your connections online is smart. To follow up on your newly-made acquaintances, the first step you should take is searching and adding them to your network on LinkedIn.
Networking Series - Chapter 13 - Networking at Social Networks.
You may also send a private message to explain "why" you want to add that person to your network. You can keep messaging through that channel, however, arrange have a face-to-face meeting to maintain a more effective connection. 
LinkedIn is a convenient platform where you can build your business connections. Before adding a new encounter in your Facebook list of friends, you may want to ask them if they would mind a friend request. Facebook is a more personal platform.
And Twitter offers ample room to follow anyone. You can tweet your comments and retweet any posts of your choice. Twitter has a public side to it as well: Anyone can read what you tweet. 
Your social networks is a significant element of your strategy to follow up on people. But do go beyond such contacts especially if you have the chance to reinforce your acquaintance through face-to-face meetings. 
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