Networking Courses

Networking courses are designed to equip professionals and entrepreneurs with the perspective of finding common interests with people, maintaining existing relations and building a strong network based on mutual trust.
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Speed NetworkingTM

Speed Networking™ aims to help quickly and effectively build strong bonds in groups of people who may or may not know each other.
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CEO Networking

CEO Networking Program is delivered on one-one-basis, designed for Chief Executive Officers, senior executives and the members of senior management teams.
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Latest News

Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Imge Kaya Sabanci

An article on Richtopia, thanks to which I keep being updated on the business world and international news, catches my eye: 100 Most Influential Women Leaders.

Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Ozgur Umut Eroglu

Ozgur Umut Eroglu is sitting right across me. I know which questions to ask. However, I can barely sit still.

Networking for Shy People

Whether you are looking for a job or climbing the corporate ladder, the timid inside you may come in play and keep you tong-tied when you're supposed to meet new people. Some of us would just not want to leave their comfort zones.

Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Introduction

Effective management of network, also known as Networking, is an area that sweeps further attention from today's CEOs and leaders.

Networking Goals for the New Year

We all set personal goals for the new year. New year's resolutions include places to go, things to buy, goals to reach, and a standing to achieve. However, the busy schedule of January forces us to postpone our resolutions till next year. When it comes to Networking, it is never late to set goals.

Importance of Networking While On the Hunt for a New Job

Once we hear about a vacancy announcement in our workplaces, a list of acquaintances who might be a fit for the position runs through our heads. The list may include, for example, a close friend who we know to be looking for a job, a friend from the school who recently told us their resignation, or a new contact we met yesterday waiting in the line of a bank.

Networking Interview with Business Networking Academy Founder Ertugrul Belen

A warm and genuine conversation with Ertugrul Belen on the content and scope of the training, as well as Belen's vision of networking, December the 19th, right before the Networking training Belen implemented in collaboration with Bilgi Training Center at İstanbul Bilgi University.

Networking Series - Chapter 14 - Notes of Congratulations

Sending a few words of congratulations is one opportunity for you to keep your network revved up.

Networking Book

How different would your life be if you knew you could meet anyone that you wanted to meet?

The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship is a verbatim recollection of invaluable experiences by expert entrepreneurs, professionals and academics who have devoted a lifetime to their respective fields.

Networking Series - Chapter 13 - Networking at Social Networks

Reinforcing your connections online is smart. To follow up on your newly-made acquaintances, the first step you should take is searching and adding them to your network on LinkedIn.

Networking Series - Chapter 12 - Methods to Keep in Touch

Which works better to maintain your connections: telephone calls or e-mails? Your preference for the first contact with an unfamiliar person reveals who you are.

Networking Series - Chapter 11 - Follow up on People

What you've read up until now is the tip of the iceberg. Now, we are to define what makes a good and bad networker. Either good or bad, we all build relations. Gifted with social intelligence and confidence, some of us are better at it. But it would not make them "good networkers". If you do not build on your contacts, you are a bad networker.

Networking Series - Chapter 10 - Networking Anywhere - Part Two

In the previous chapter, we touched upon Networking opportunities we may enjoy in restaurants, planes, waiting lounges and gyms. This article will have a look into Networking approaches one can practice during reunions and wedding ceremonies.

Networking Series - Chapter 9 - Networking Anywhere - Part One

You cannot predict where, how, and which opportunity will come along your way. Ask the people around you how they joined a company.

Networking Series - Chapter 8 - Getting Known

In Networking, recognition is a fruit of good relations. Moreover, it is essential for individuals to follow a certain communication strategy in Networking, just like the corporations do. Be in sight, as much as possible, to have a more solid network.

Networking Series - Chapter 7 - Business Cards

You are wrong if you think that business cards are dead in an era of electronic signatures. Business cards still serve as your weapon in Networking. Always have a business card on you.

Networking Series - Chapter 6 - Tips to Meet People

Be an active listener in every environment. Include yourself in the conversation by asking questions. This way you can convince the other of your genuine curiosity. Try to ask open-ended questions, to avoid a simple yes or no that may discourage you to break the silence once again.

Networking Series - Chapter 5 - Small Talk

You're in an environment and you don't know any people there. You're scared of introducing yourself and joining the conversation. How will you start anyway? What do you have to say? The most difficult "simple thing" in the world is small talk.

Networking Series - Chapter 4 - Face-to-Face

Technology has offered numerous alternatives to face-to-face communication, but none of them has overshadowed the genuineness of face-to-face contacts. It does not matter even if you are a wizard of words with an enchanting staff of miraculous words.