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Networking Series - Chapter 4 - Face-to-Face

DATE: 5/27/2014
Technology has offered numerous alternatives to face-to-face communication, but none of them has overshadowed the genuineness of face-to-face contacts. It does not matter even if you are a wizard of words with an enchanting staff of miraculous words.
Networking Series - Chapter 4 - Face-to-Face.

Your voice will still make your telephone calls more "personal" than an e-mail. The way you speak out a word personalize and make your expressions warmer. 
Words and your tone are also supported by your body language in face-to-face communication, further mitigating the risk of not being understood. Even a simple e-mail may lead to misunderstanding in certain situations. In face-to-face contacts, though, you "see" that you're being misunderstood 
because you have the chance to observe the other, according to which you can choose your words or adjust your body language to impress them.
There is no secret formula for effective communication. And it just does not make any sense to memorize a certain body language. Clasping hands, for example, would not necessarily mean defense. Different gestures may conflict with, or support, each other. You need to recognize some stereotypes in gestures but still be cautious.

Analyze your own tone and body language. They are your most powerful tools for more effective communication and networking! 

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