About Ertugrul Belen

About Ertugrul Belen.

Ertugrul Belen founded Business Networking Academy in order to support professionals and entrepreneurs improve result-driven and effective business relations, and determine strategies towards their network in the light of their respective goals.

Describing Networking as the Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known™, Belen has instructed various international companies, BIST 100 Turkey’s top listed organizations and more than 50 thousand professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide, as part of the copyrighted Networking courses and quick meeting sessions titled Speed Networking™, a 'first' in Turkey and the region.

In addition to offering Networking courses, Speed Networking™ practices and the CEO Networking program, Belen is the author of the best selling "Networking: The Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known" and "The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship". He continues to publish Networking articles on a regular basis.

For a long time, Belen provided consulting for senior managements of General Motors and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and was a member to the Board of Natuzzi Turkey.

Providing Networking courses in English and Turkish, he is a graduate of Galatasaray High School and University of Wisconsin. Networking projects developed and executed by Belen have been recognized by various national and international awards.

He has also held various titles including founder and board member for Turkey's prominent ventures and NGOs:
GYIAD (Young Businessmen Association) - Former Vice President
Etohum Network of Angel Investors - Member
Global Entrepreneurship Week - Member of the Regional Executive Board

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