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Rights to use and rights to the content of the brands including Business Networking Academy, Speed Networking (in Turkey), and “Methodologies for the Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known" are held by Ertugrul Belen.

It is essential for Business Networking Academy and Ertugrul Belen to use original sources, materials, images and content during Networking courses and practices. 

Latest News

Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Imge Kaya Sabanci

An article on Richtopia, thanks to which I keep being updated on the business world and international news, catches my eye: 100 Most Influential Women Leaders.

Networking Interviews with CEOs and Leaders - Ozgur Umut Eroglu

Ozgur Umut Eroglu is sitting right across me. I know which questions to ask. However, I can barely sit still.

Networking for Shy People

Whether you are looking for a job or climbing the corporate ladder, the timid inside you may come in play and keep you tong-tied when you're supposed to meet new people. Some of us would just not want to leave their comfort zones.