The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship is a verbatim recollection of invaluable experiences by expert entrepreneurs, professionals and academics who have devoted a lifetime to their respective fields.
The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship.

Each contributor introduces their fields of expertise in 10 easy-to-digest bullet points.

Covering a host of topics including entrepreneurship ecosystem, foundation strategies, law, sales, Networking and investor relations, this book is a bird's eye view of entrepreneurship altogether.

In the fourth edition of the book, golden recommendations from six new accomplishing experts are shared with entrepreneurs. 

The book focuses on emotions triggering entrepreneurship, subtleties of finding a business idea, tips for a successful presentation to investors, re-starting for an entrepreneur having sold a company, social entrepreneurship, and nutritional essentials for an entrepreneur to remain healthy despite a busy schedule... 

"Entrepreneurship" is becoming an international antidote in an era during which the financial crisis unexceptionally stifles each and every nation.

I have had to chance to outreach more than 50 thousand professionals and entrepreneurs through Business Networking Academy conferences, the Speed Networking™ gatherings and Elevator Pitch contests, all of which I have introduced to Turkey for the first time.

My experience in one-on-one workshops with entrepreneurs and accumulation throughout my work in Divas Diamond—my international venture—have helped me look at entrepreneurship in a different light, which went beyond a mere elegant concept:

A good entrepreneur had to be the one who managed everything in the best way possible, rather than someone who knew everything. I and Taylan Demirkaya, my academician friend who lectures at İzmir Economy University, wanted this book to be an indispensable guide, to be everything for entrepreneurs.

Each boasting expertise in their respective fields, contributors did not turn us down: they were the enablers of our dream. We are more than lucky. I believe  The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship to be a must-have compass for entrepreneurs on their path to venture. 30 accomplishing experts and 300 golden recommendations will be a game changer for you.