Networking Book

How different would your life be if you knew you could meet anyone that you wanted to meet?
Networking Book.

How could you comfortably get to know whomever you wish? How could you build trustworthy relations?

Having helped more than 50 thousand individuals in the business world to effectively network with one another,  Ertugrul Belen, the mastermind of Meeting, Introducing an Getting Known™ methodology and Speed Networking™ practice, proudly introduces the first-ever  Networking book in Turkey!

The Networking book unravels the importance of designing the business and social lives of your dreams, by building relations and contacts. The book will convince you of the power of  strong tiesyou will need as a prerequisite to achieve your goals, while revealing the specifics of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known™ along the way. Networking touches on many other things you must have heard up to date: communication, body language, effective speaking, career planning, sales techniques, motivation, human resources, leadership... and many more. What sets Networking apart is the  the difference you will feel in your life straight ahead once you have a look at all that you do and will know in the book in a new light, with the awareness to analyze them at the right time, in the right place, and most important of all, within the dynamics of the right environment.

Did you know that 70% of the newly-established projects in the business world survive by tapping into their power of Networking?

However, don't be disappointed by the fact that Networking mostly works its magics after the fifth meeting or encounter. In other words, business relations acquired through Networking require sweat, time, and a network.

We're not done yet! It has been scientifically proven that every individual knows on an average 200 people, and, moreover, you can basically contact anyone by practicing this thing called the "power of contacts in six steps". This means that new dimensions will unfold through the friends of your friends, and their network as it is 63% likelier for you to achieve your goal in a meeting you attend through a reference of a person you know.

It is only up to you to contact the person you want, and even do business together, by meeting the right people.

"Belen's Networking Techniques proves that getting to know a person is an art." Endeavor Turkey

"Wall Street Journal was impressed by Belen's Networking strategies and Speed Networking works during participation in the Etohum startup tech camp. Belen's research are truly a compass for entrepreneurs in the search for getting known!" Burak Buyukdemir, Etohum Founder

"Investing in bilateral relations in the business world draws the line between achievement and failure. This book will be a lighthouse for those who have failed to reinforce business relations." Erkan Gural, Kutahya Porselen & TUGİK President

"An addictive guide that will expand the horizons for all women entrepreneurs." Hatice Guner Kal, TOBB Chair of the Women Entrepreneurs' Committee Istanbul

"This book is a first in Turkey when it comes to Networking. A must-have for any firm willing to have a stronger sales team." Inanc Kabadayi , Egeyapi President