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The hands-on Networking Training Courses describe the concept of Networking as the Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known™, while working out answers on how to build strong ties in the light of one's goals; the tips for getting to know people without cowering away; and the specifics of impressing and getting known through a personal elevator pitch for all circumstances.

Ertugrul Belen is the founder of Business Networking Academy.

All copyrighted courses and practices are delivered by the program's designer Ertugrul Belen, the author of the bestselling book "Networking: The Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known".

Business Networking Academy has assisted various international companies, BIST 100 Turkey’s top listed organizations, CEOs, startup hubs and NGOs. Its networking courses and quick meeting sessions titled Speed Networking™ have helped participants get to know their business network and strengthen their collaborations, having reached more than 50 thousand professionals internationally.

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Whether you are looking for a job or climbing the corporate ladder, the timid inside you may come in play and keep you tong-tied when you're supposed to meet new people. Some of us would just not want to leave their comfort zones.